The Concept

Replicator is a puzzle / resource management game that tasks the player with feeding "Repli" in order to achieve specific goals to complete each level. Handcrafted levels are designed around different themes and challenge the player in both their reaction time and critical thinking abilities. 

The Development Plan

For a long time now I have wanted to create a simple mobile game. I am 100% self taught and have no illusions about having a lot to learn about game development. My hope is that by documenting my development I will become a better developer over time. I'm also excited to meet people in the community and learn from those who have been here before. 

As I am producing this game on my own, in my spare time, with a limited budget. I don't expect it to be the next big thing on the AppStore, but I do hope that I will find a small audience that enjoys what I have made. 

The goal is to slowly learn new techniques and also experiment with game design in order to build a small, but fun, game for people to play. At some point in the development cycle I will be opening the game to TestFlight beta testers. More info on that when the time is right.

Support My Efforts

If you're a die hard indie/solo developer advocate and would love to help me reach my ambitious goal I would absolutely love it if you'd join my Patreon page. Donations are starting at $1/month and really, truly, will motivate me to work on this project even more than I already do. I will be posting some behind the scenes updates there as the audience grows and I hope to bring more value to this group of people if and when the amount of supporters reaches certain levels.

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Development log